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  1. Evren

    Wow, I hadn’t heard of Ham­mer­fest until I saw your blog, didn’t rea­lise it’s so northern! :)
    I sup­pose most of us not Nor­we­gian only mainly know of Ber­gen & Oslo…
    It looks very serene & inspi­ra­tio­nal though… :)


    • Stine Charlotte

      Hi 😀 Haha, I‘m pretty sure there are many, many, nor­we­gi­ans that haven‘t heard of Ham­mer­fest eigh­ter. Yes, Northern Nor­way has an ama­zing nature, it‘s very easy to for­get, or rat­her take it for gran­ted. I would say it‘s very dif­fe­rent from southern Nor­way in many ways.
      I appreciate that you left me a com­ment :) I think it‘s cool that people from other con­tries find their way to my blog.

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